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A Piston is described as a moveable part which creates a locked cavern, with a stationary part, which volume can be changed. Pistons for homogenizing are used in homogenizers, which consists of a high pressure plunger pump and a homogenizer-valve. Those Pistons working under pressure of 50 – 400 bar and squeezing the media through the homogenizer-valve.

The permanent up- and down movement, makes a piston to a wearing part.

hsp is offering you new constructed or refurbished pistons of any kind. We’d be pleased to send you a quotation. Samples and drawings by your side will speed up the proposal preparation.

Shaft Sleeves

Shaft sleeves get shrinked on shafts with an anti-turn device to protect the surface of a shaft, from corrosion, wear and tear.
An easier refreshment and assembly makes a shaft sleeve advantageous and inexpense as opposed to the shaft itself.
hsp offers the manufacture and refreshment of shaft sleeves, doesn’t matter if for agitators, centrifugal pumps etc.

You can coat the shaft sleeve optional with chromic oxide or carbide metal (80% Tungsten Carbide).
A sample delivery or drawings by your side, will speed up our quotation process.

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